Beware of Presidents Waving Bibles

The President of the United States holding up a Bible in front of a church, as he did moments ago in Washington, DC, may be the most disgusting and cynically manipulative thing I’ve seen in a long time.
What an unspeakable desecration of that sacred book. The President must take us for fools.

It’s time for serious Christians to stop allowing our faith, centered on the cross of Jesus Christ and calling for radical change of heart, to be used any more to endorse a particular political party or a particular strongman’s agenda.

The evangelical church in America must reclaim its moral and spiritual independence now, or it is going to be irrepairably discredited for generations to come.

The clearest evidence of genuine Christianity is that it speaks courageously and prophetically to all imperfect leaders and all political parties. It commends them when they do right, and calls them out when then don’t. A morally and spiritually strong church will call everyone alike to higher ideals of truth, decency, self-discipline and compassion. It never surrenders its spiritual freedom to one side or the other. It has only one leader.

For Jesus’s sake, fellow evangelicals, stop getting played. If you are offended or still unconvinced, read some history of European politics and the European churches in the 1930s and 1940s. If we don’t maintain our spiritual independence, what goes round could come around again.

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